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Why video testimonials?

Build social proof

Reviews and testimonials of your product and company help others know that you'll back up what you say. Use video to build unimpeachable proof that your business delivers.

Produce more leads

Studies have shown that videos can increase conversion rates for a website by up to 80%. Add video testimonials to your marketing strategy and generate more leads from your existing traffic.

Create more connections

People connect with faces and emotions - that's how we're built. Create a lasting connection with your brand by leveraging authentic, personal videos.

Generate more revenue

What do you get from strong connections, more leads, and more credibile social proof? More customers and more revenue.

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Easily change the content of video submission pages to match your company's brand - no coding required.

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Video submissions are private until you review and approve them. Reject off-brand or off-message videos instantly.

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