About Vestimonials A note from our founder

Hi there, I'm David, the founder of Vestimonials. I founded Vestimonials in 2021 to help make high quality, authentic video content available to businesses of any size.

Before starting Vestimonials, I spent 10 years building a recruiting tech SaaS, helping hundreds of thousands of people find jobs at tens of thousands of businesses across the United States and Canada.

During that journey, I saw the positive impact that video testimonials have on a company's recruiting results. A company with videos of their employees on their careers page would inevitably see better recruiting results - more quality applications, more interviews, faster hires - than companies without videos.

Even though video is incredibly effective marketing and recruiting tool, most companies don't have the resources to add video to their marketing strategy. Videos are expensive to produce and become out-of-date quickly. Hosting videos on ad-filled "free" hosting platforms means watching competitors ads before your own marketing material plays, and related videos drawing eyes away from your site. Video is hard.

Vestimonials is changing that. Our product allows any business to collect and share video testimonials from their customers and employees, without diluting your brand, making constant updates to your website, or spending thousands on outsourced video production.

As I build Vestimonials, I'm relying on our customers to help our team fulfill the vision have for the product. Have feedback or questions? Email me directly. I'm here to help.