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How to ask for video testimonials with confidence

We get it. Asking someone to record a video about how great you are can feel a little awkward at first. Will they want to record themselves? Do they like me enough to say great things about my business? Is it weird to ask for a video testimonial instead of a written testimonial?

Don’t worry. It isn’t as scary as it sounds.

Let's talk through five key tips on how to ask for video testimonials with confidence and get results.

1. Have a relationship

Video testimonials are not reviews or ratings. You’re making a more personal request of the person, and you’re aiming for a glowing, positive message that will resonate with your clients. With that in mind, the list of people you ask for a video review should be carefully curated. You should have a good relationship with this person, and they should know and trust you and your business.

Get comfortable with asking for video testimonials by identifying the customers with whom you have the strongest relationship. Once you have that list ready, read on.

2. Personalize the ask

Remember, you’re asking for a favor, so you want to be direct and personal. Don’t send out a bulk email or text message and hope for the best. Instead, individually contact each person–email, text, or video calls all work fine!–and let them know that you specifically want to hear from them. Let them know why.

People like to feel special. Make sure that each person you ask knows that they are an important part of your business.

3. Don’t start with a blank slate

Knowing what to talk about is the hardest part of writing or recording a testimonial. Your client knows you and trusts you, and they want to do their best. Make sure they know what topics you want them to touch on and what tone you’re looking for.

Provide prompts or questions for them to answer in their video. This gives them guidance and an anchor to focus their video around, and helps them feel confident that they are helping you.

Instead of:

“Hi Ashley, can you record a video testimonial about my business?”


“Hi Ashley, can you record a video testimonial about my business? I’d love for you to answer these two questions in your video:

* What is the biggest impact Our Company has had on your business this year?

* What has your experience been with our support team?”

4. Make it easy

The person recording the video testimonial is doing you a favor. In return, you should aim to make it as simple as possible for them to record and deliver the video. Give them a guide on how to record the video, and send them our handy link, which lets them upload and directly send to you the video. Our platform streamlines this process, so they aren't discouraged by multiple technological barriers. Don’t make them do the editing if they aren’t selfie-champions.

Using a tool like Vestimonials is the easiest way to get video testimonials. If you aren’t using Vestimonials, consider investing in an online storage service for them to upload the video to so they can share it with you as easily as possible.

5. Address anxiety inducers

Recording a video testimonial can be scary. You are recording a video of yourself, and you might want to know how it will be used. Be transparent! Anticipate and address questions on how you will use the video that they record. Give them a link to the page on which it will be posted, or tell them that you will use it in a social media post. Don’t leave them guessing!

Address these questions by being clear about how you’ll use the video they record. Give them a link to the page it will be posted on, or tell them how you’ll use it in a social media post. Don’t leave them guessing!

Some people may want to have the option to remove the video in the future. We recommend giving users clear instructions on how to have the video removed in the future, and make it as easy as possible.

Finally, and most importantly, don’t press too hard if someone is uncomfortable recording themselves or being featured in a video. Some people prefer not to be on video and that’s okay! Thank them for their patronage and gracefully move on.

Wrapping up

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Video has been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 380%. Adding video testimonials to your sales and marketing strategy will have a major impact on your business.

Ready to dive in? Start a 14-day free trial of Vestimonials and start asking for video testimonials.